First Singles and how different they can be.


So ironically my first post is going to be about music, even though my not yet clearly formulated mission statement is to write about reading and writing.

Depeche Mode can do very little wrong in my book. I absolutely love most of their music (Most, I said most, there are terrible lapses that makes me curl my toes and cringe) And since DM announced last year, that an album and a tour was imminent, I’ve been crawling the walls to get my hands on new Depeche Mode material.

So Friday morning before I went to work I snug into Itunes and bought the new single Heaven from their upcoming album Delta Machine. I played it repeatedly all day. And I admit I am not convinced. I feel a little … well I guess surprise is the best word.

It is slow, melodic, guitar and piano dominated. Dave Gahan is almost subdued in his vocals. I don’t really know what to make of it.

Around four years ago I felt somewhat the same when the first single from Sounds of the Universe hit the shelves. But for completely different reasons. Wrong was fast paced and had a bad-ass attitude and Dave Gahan sounded very rough and angry. I couldn’t really recognize the style from my back catalog of DM and I was on the fence about it.

So these two singles cannot be any further from each other, not in style, in rhythm, in tempo, in subject and still my hesitation is almost the same, though since I am more drawn to rock than to slow, melodic, it only took me a few plays of Wrong to make me sing along.

Heaven has this very dominating Hi-hat cha-ching and old fashioned simple keyboard rhythms. It is so far from Wrong with its heavy elements of rock, that I am now even less sure of what to expect from the new album. Introspective, slow-tempoed musings?

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I am just a little bit worried. I cross my fingers for more electronics, more deep dark voiced Gahan vocals. And then I comfort myself with the fact that it is never the singles I fall in love with. More often than not it is the songs that the radio stations never play that make my skin tingle and my head all light and dreamy.

I’ve embedded the video’s of Wrong and Heaven for your listening convenience.

Heaven by Depeche Mode.

Reservations aside, I do like the Martin Gore – Dave Gahan harmonies and there is something amazingly alluring to the feedback like sound toward the end of the song. If you ask me in a few months I probably love this song to bits. Fickle mind I tell you!


Wrong by Depeche Mode

It is not a song I seek out again and again, but when it passes by on the shuffle mode I like it a lot.


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