A beautiful place for murder.

So Monday I had to bring my daughter to the dentist at one pm, and afterwards we realized we had a whole unexpected free afternoon ahead of us. Normally I get home close to four in the afternoon and by that time I am worn out, my head full of things to do and the lack of energy to do them, so this free time was really a bonus.

We decided to go this beautiful lake, only a few kilometers away and take a walk around it.

The lake in summer
The lake in summer

.We didn’t have suitable clothes on for a walk on a cold windy February day, but we decided to brave it anyway.

Icy Lake
Icy Lake

But already on the path down to the lake, which is nestled in a beautiful mixed conifer and beech forest,

The sun was out, but no heat in it.
The sun was out, but no heat in it.


Just a couple more months and these will be a beautiful green.
Just a couple more months and these will be a beautiful green.

the wind was punishing us for our irreverence, and when we reached the lake my daughters teeth were audibly chattering. She wanted to turn around, but I insisted on going at least a few hundred yards to this spot that I wanted to scout.

See the walk was perhaps a spur of the moment thing, but I did have ulterior motives. My current writing project is going to spoil some of this serene beauty, since a body is going to almost dump on somebody’s head as they walk here. I thought that this spot might be a perfect place for that to happen so we made our way there. Turns out it really wasn’t, but I found another spot that was just perfect.

Normally we come here in the weekends and people are everywhere, but it was deserted this day.

In the summer it is a popular place for walks, bike rides and the occasional quick dip its its cold waters
In the summer it is a popular place for walks, bike rides and the occasional quick dip in its cold waters

And perhaps that was for the better, since our conversations sounded a bit like this:

Daughter: Mum, come and look at this!

Me: Sure, what have you found?

Daughter: See this hole? You could put an arm in there, severed, blood dripping.

Me, looking into a deep hole leading into the hill: Yes I could. But I want my murder victim to be whole, falling from the sky almost.

Daughter, speculative: OK… you could put him up in that tree and then his leg would fall off and he could splat to the ground.

See how I am going to defile this hidden gem of clear cold water, wind rustling in the branches above and the crunchy sound of the mulch under foot? I am pretty sure that if someone had overheard our conversation they would have called in the cops.

Oh maybe I should regret that it didn’t happen, I could have gotten some free research into the interviewing techniques of the police.. oh darn..

So at the spot that turned out to be unsuitable we left the path around the lake and walked back to the car along a small walking path/service road that skirts the lake for awhile. I was hoping to find a way to access this road bypassing the padlocked bar that bans cars from it. But alas I didn’t and now I have to rethink my dumping strategy. I sense a return trip is in the cards. This time dressed better, and with a thermos of hot chocolate in the backpack.


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