The Blinding Knife by Brent Weeks (Part 1)

I’ve been reading The Blinding Knife by Brent Weeks for the past days. Like the first book in the series The Black Prism, it is simply amazing. I have a very hard time putting it down, and I have spent the whole weekend slipping away from the family to read, meaning that I have gotten absolutely nothing done around the house, on my writing project nor did I manage to get my lazy body out of the sofa long enough to go back to the lake and take another stab at finding a dump site.

Since I am not done reading this is no review, I merely write this blog post to say that the world building in these books is PHENOMENAL. My mind boggles at the level of details Brent Weeks manages to impart so easily and seamlessly in the course of the storytelling. It is inspiring to say the least. I just want to know how the hell he keeps all the details straight before he writes the book. Teach me please because whenever I try I end up obsessing about details and my worlds feel one dimensional and monochromatic.

Oh well off to read, I think Kip is in trouble…

(Part 2 will appear once I finish reading. I expect I have more praise to heap upon Mr Weeks)


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