and how I love to read them.  Is there anything better than snuggling into a deep sofa, wrapping your legs into a plaid and then opening a book? Or well flick your ebook on?

In my world no. Reading is still my favorite way of passing the time, but I seem to do it less and less, the drat internet turns out to be quite an attraction as well.

When I remember my teenage years it seems like all I ever did was read. I never left the house without a book on me. I went to birthday parties for class mates with a book handy because more often than not it was easier to disappear into the pages of a book than it was to engage in conversations with those around me. Why should I care who wanted to play with who, who schemed to kiss this boy or that? All I had to do was to open a book and the world was already bigger, better and more inclusive than that. Books always held more truth in them that the world around me. I didn’t join in when the other girls talked about the boys they liked, I was always too embarrassed and afraid to be laughed at, so it was just easier to stick my nose in a book and pretend that I didn’t hear them. I really wasn’t very good at being a girl.

But since I met my husband and especially since we’ve had our daughter, the time left over to snuggle into a book has been precious little, and when she was smaller than she is now there was none, I had to steal time whenever I could. But the days of reading in bed until 4 am in the morning and then still be fit for fight at 7 am, left around the time I had a screaming baby nestled onto my chest. Back when Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix I basically locked myself in a room because I absolutely craved the loneliness and silence it took to disappear completely into the book. When The Deathly Hallows came out I stayed two days at a friend who was out of town. Just to read one single book. It was a bit insane you know, but absolutely necessary at the time.

Now my daughter is 10, and her life is slowly separating from mine. She hangs with her friends, she plays a lot of computer and she generally doesn’t need me to be there all the time. My free time is returning. I enjoy it immensely. Though I’ve got a new problem, I tend to fill my new free time with twitter, Facebook and other stuff that has taken over the internet. Sometimes I think I should throw my smartphone to hell because it sucks up so much of my time. Though of course my Kindle is synced to it and I use it to read on all the time.  Rock and a Hard Place conundrum right there. Ditch the technology that takes up your reading time and loose the technology that allows you to read whenever you feel like it, even in pitch darkness?



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