What makes me laugh

I am still working on my review of Brent Week’s The Blinding Knife and since I don’t have much time this week, I’ll give you two things that make me laugh. And one that does not.

Earlier this week this video made the rounds on the internets. You’ve probably seen it, but it is definitely worth another look. It is hilarious. Especially the part at 1.22 when a man is having a verbal argument with a very large goat.

And because I am a Crazy Cat Lady, I give you this: the funniest picture of a cat. EVER. It had me in hysterics for an hour the first time I saw it via George Takei on Facebook.

Purrmission to Land

And if this is all just too cute… Here’s what makes me scream uncontrollably.


Fair warning though.This is the stuff of nightmares.




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