Flash Fiction 1.0

So this is my first attempt at flash fiction. It was prompted by Chuck Wendig here, and a sentence generator linked in his post. Among the ten sentences I recieved I chose this: “The sinister rectangle balls the gentle link.” and without further ado I give you what my brain spat out.


by Trine Toft Schmidt

I am Link and I live in the deepest basements of the com, where people don’t gawk at me all the time. Most people that make it this far down hover over me for a short moment before deciding to visit elsewhere. I suppose my next door neighbors stroke people’s fancy better. I am not complaining, I’ve had my share of likes, though I am rarely the object of ejaculation. But sometimes even I attract attention of the troubling kind.

It all started when a virus crashed through the com. The virus caused a widespread panic that attracted attention from the outside world. Men and women who had previously been unaware of our existence joined up and one of those was L7. He was an older guy, burly and tattooed with a floppy mustache, graying hair that curled at the ears and he often sat at the monitor with a nude chest. He had a small heart tattooed there with ‘Silvia’ written across it in faded gray letters. He could have been a sailor for all I knew, but the sailor-like tattoo might have been a satirical one. I never know much about my viewers, mostly I see them squinting intently on the monitor for a few minutes while one of their hands jerks them off. It gives me a rather shaken view of the people in front of me. You get used to it.

In the beginning L7 used a lot of time browsing through the Plain Sex section with a single mindedness that was quite abnormal. Most people progress in time, at least somewhat, from their most innocent fantasies to the more perverted ones, but this guy who I took to calling Square never strayed far away and always returned. To me. The virus that had affected most of the com had never made it down to my level, and at first I thought it was because I was the safe bet he kept returning, but he must have liked my unusual ending. I have no money shot, no white gunk licked off glistening pouting lips, just a shaggy haired guy spasming deep inside a dark haired beauty with broad hips. Something about the non-visual ejaculation got Square going I suppose.

The first week Square visited me 34 times. I was happy with the attention. My neighbor ‘Harlot Harass Hairy Ass’ had been gloating for awhile that even she got more traffic than me. She’s quite a piece, round and heavy and shot rather unfortunately from the side, while doing her business with a very hairy ass. It was nice to be able to remind her that there was nothing wrong in being ‘Plain Vanilla, Straight Up Missionary from the 70’ies’. So I was a happy link for awhile. For one glorious day I was even featured on the front page under the Retro Porn heading.

By the third week Square had settled into a routine. He would log on around 6pm, spend a few minutes browsing the front page offerings, but was soon back to the lower levels following search leads like: Amateur, Normal and Missionary, around the com. At 6.30pm he would click me for the first time, settling in. First he’d watch the whole video, sliding closer and closer to the monitor until he was almost pressing his nose against it. Then he expertly maneuvered the video time slide to 1.27 where the camera zooms in on the brunette’s face as she moans with very realistic passion. Something about that girl in the clip fascinated him. He would watch it as many as twenty times, before moving on. His next favorite part, was where the man thrusts for the last time and the girl squeezes his butt hard enough to show whitening skin. This part he watched over and over until finally he climaxed. Not very exciting to be honest, but I am even tempered, what do I know? I have no sexuality. As Harlot later said, I am a gentle link.

But things with Square went south very quickly. At week five Square logged on at 5pm, at week six it was 4pm, spending hours watching me. He visibly changed, became paler and thinner, his hair grew out shaggy and eyes was circled with black. He looked like a deranged madman to be honest, his mouth sometimes frozen in a sneer of pleasure.

My neighbors started to notice. Harlot laughed at me, and called Square ‘the sinister rectangle’ in a mocking tone. Whenever he logged on, she whooped “The sinister rectangle balls the gentle link” throughout the com. Two dudes upstairs, who hadn’t been getting clicked in a long time, started glaring at me when we met in the halls. But others, if they weren’t busy at the time, would watch from the sidelines as Square shook and lurched in front of the monitor. I never made it back to the front page, but I became a local celebrity among my neighbors, and the cool links started nodding to me in public. But such attention never last.

On the fourth day of week 9 Square could barely hold himself upright. He was sagging and wincing as he shook, squeezing his eyes myopically at the monitor. His greasy hair hung lifeless on his shoulders, and his skin had taken on a very unhealthy bluish color. The room behind him was a horrible mess and I swear that right before he keeled over, I saw a rat running across the back of his chair. He had been at it for two hours, when he suddenly clutched his chest with his free hand, and his head slammed into the monitor and then the desk in front of him. The last I saw of him was when he looked up at the girl in the clip with a pained look, whispering something at the monitor. It sounded very much like he said “Silvia”. I felt a twinge of sadness before I disappeared back into obscurity.


14 thoughts on “Flash Fiction 1.0

  1. Just thought I would stop by and return the favor. That was a good take on the story! Very disturbing, but entertaining at the same time.

  2. If I am breaking the rules here, I hope you’ll give me a pass.

    I enjoyed reading your piece — it’s challenging and complex in a subtle way. Far be it from me to ask the author to explain exactly what their stories mean; but I found many subtexts here. There is the sad reality of Square and his despair at seeing a former lover on screen making well-paid love to someone else — what a unique idea! It addresses some of the tragic realities of the underworld you describe here, realities that are seldom explored in fiction because of their sensitive nature (I guess). And there is a commentary on it all, no? Pornography. Human nature. Addiction.

    Nicely done.

    1. Well if you are breaking the rules (I don’t think so:)) what a nice way to do it. Thank you for your feedback, the reflection and the kind words.

      I didn’t set out to shine a light on the porn industry, but it turned in that direction because of my sentence. I thought the POV would be funny.
      As you say, porn (sex) is human nature. and I think, such a big part of who we are, that both good and bad come of it. And porn, if it is great or horrible, if you watch it or make it, I think it comes with a price tag of sorts. It can teach you a thing or two, or as in my story, it can break your heart.

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