…is the name of a book by Chuck Wendig that I just finished yesterday. I cannot recommend it enough. I’ve spent every spare minute I could carve out of these past few days, immersed in the story of Miriam who is many kinds of fucked up, and who just happens to know when and how you will die, if your skin touches hers.

The beautiful cover of Blackbirds
The beautiful cover of Blackbirds


Blackbirds is like a gritty roadmovie on steriods, with Miriam as the atypical swearing, drinking and chain smoking heroine. When she has two chance meetings, one with Louis the truckdriver and one with Ashley the con-man, things get even more fucked up, and Miriam is mixed up in things, terrible things that are even worse than watching people die so she can steal their cash.

Blackbirds does not blink, flinch or back down. It is relentless, fastpaced and dark. And it is extremely entertaining and hilarious. Even the bits that are wince-inducingly violent.

So run along. Go to amazon, kobo, your local book pusher, whereever. Just go plonk down your hard earned cash and strap in.

Enjoy the ride..



2 thoughts on “Blackbirds…

  1. I just ordered this book last night. I ordered a paper copy, and now I can’t wait for it to arrive. I hope it is good as I am expecting it to be.
    I read some of Chuck Wendig’s writing on his blog, and found your blog from his fiction challenge that grew out of the title challenge. Your story was great. I could feel the anger bubbling up from your long forgotten god, and kept wanting to see more of what happened next. Kudos to you on that story as it definitely grabbed a hold of me.

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