Psychic powers, flash fiction

So, it is flash fiction time again. This time the piece had to contain a psychic power, chosen, either randomly or deliberately, from a list of twenty.  I relocated to and got a 17. Past-life Regression.

It doesn’t really strike me as a psychic power at all. Not the way telekinesis or telepathy are active powers with deliberate uses. Past-life Regression, to the best of my short burst of research, is remembering/experiencing past lives you have lived.

So, my story ended up accordingly, a power that is not so much a power as a curse. I rewrote a couple of times and this is the third incarnation (har har har) of the story.


Desperate Meassures

By Trine Toft Schmidt

The following is transcription from Dr. Söderbergh’s initial interview of Antoine De’Angelo.

Dr. Söderbergh is hereafter identified as DS, Antoine De’Angelo as ADA

SD: Start. Initial interview with suspect Antoine De’Angelo, Bayview PD, Interview room 2, May 25th 2013. Time is 8.32 pm. Present in interview room is Officers Martin and Quincy, and suspect Antoine De’Angelo.

(door opening, sound of sobbing)

DS: Hello Antoine, my name is Doctor Söderbergh. I am here to talk to you about what happened earlier today.

(the sobbing continues)

DS: Antoine can you tell me what happened?

ADA: I killed her. I … oh my god I killed her.


ADA: I didn’t mean to kill her. I didn’t. Oh my god.

DS: Antoine, why don’t you tell me what happened.

ADA: I can’t. I don’t know. I just wanted peace. Oh god.

(sound of something crashing to the floor)

DS: Antoine. Antoine! I need you to relax, sit back down and tell me what happened.

ADA: He killed her. I … it wasn’t me. It was him. It couldn’t have been me.

DS: Who killed her, Antoine?

ADA: The dark man.  Oh my god all that blood.

DS: Antoine, I need you to relax. Take a deep breath and sit back down. Please.

(long pause)

DS: OK Antoine, now, can you tell me what led to the incident this morning?

ADA: I’ve been having dreams. Horrible dreams doc.

DS: What kind of dreams?

ADA: I dream I am the dark man. Killing women.

DS: Who is the dark man?

ADA: I don’t know. I keep telling you, I don’t know. He invades my dreams. Make me do weird things.

DS: Like what?

ADA: First it was just dreams. I kept dreaming that I was following women around. Then, two months ago, he started killing them.

DS: Killing them? How?

ADA: Slitting their throats. With an old razor. Like the ones they use in barber shops? Then he dumped them in the sea. So many women.

DS: What did you do when you started having these dreams. Did you seek help?

ADA: I told my wife. She thought I was being silly.

(sounds of a chair scraping on the floor and sobbing.)

ADA: Oh my god. Dear lord, I killed her.

DS: I really need you to sit down Antoine.

ADA: Can I smoke please? I need to smoke.

DS: I am afraid smoking is not allowed. Sit down please. Your wife thought you were silly. Then what happened?

ADA: She left me. She found out. That I wasn’t being silly.

DS: How did she find out?

ADA: I started sleepwalking. Waking up around town. In strange places, in front of houses. One night she found me looking in through our neighbor’s window, holding a knife in my hand. She freaked and left. Thank god.

(short pause)

ADA: It could have been her. I could have killed her.

DS:  Did you seek professional help?

ADA: I told my doctor. Didn’t want to sound too crazy, so I just told him about the dreams. He said it was probably stress. Prescribed sleeping pills. Didn’t help. Not at all.

DS: So tell me more about this dark man and the dreams. Where were you in the dreams?

ADA: I was him. I was inside him, I could hear every thought he had about these women, how demeaning he was, how all he could think about was spilling their blood. Blood…


ADA: I think I am going to faint.


DS: Antoine? Antoine!

(sound of loud clapping)

DS: Antoine! (loud voice)

ADA: Yes, sorry doc. I get a little faint around blood.

DS: But you are not around blood right now.

ADA: No.

DS: Where did these dreams take place?

ADA: They felt like movies. Old, silent, black and white movies. Sinister and dark. People were dressed funny. Like in those movies from the thirties? I researched it. See it wasn’t me. It was him. The dark man. He killed her.

SD: So, let me get this straight. A man living back in the 1930’es invaded your dreams. Are you aware of how that sounds?


SD: There is really no need to shout at me, Antoine.

ADA: No. Sorry doc. Its just that I tried telling someone. A shrink. I didn’t want to, I don’t like shrinks, no offense, but what was I to do? Laura had left me. My boss was threatening to fire me if I didn’t start putting in more effort. I was dreaming of blood again and again, I was waking up in strange places… it was either the shrink, or killing myself. God… why didn’t I kill myself?


ADA: The shrink suggested hypnosis. But no way I was going to let another man roam around in my brain. So. I didn’t go back. Instead I practically moved into the library. I did some research. Have you ever heard of past-life Regression?

DS: Yes, I have heard of the theory.

ADA: It is not a theory. I am the living proof. Did you know that Bayview was haunted by a serial killer in the thirties? At least twenty women disappeared over a period of six months. Some washed up on the coast, their throats cut, almost exsanguinated. Some were never seen again.

DS: You are saying that you are remembering the Bayview Slasher? That you was him in a former life?

ADA: What other explanation is there, doc? I don’t want to kill women. I would never…

(long pause)

DS: But Antoine, you did. You killed a woman today.

ADA: I didn’t mean to. I just wanted to be arrested. I swear. I just wanted to be locked up. The police didn’t believe me when I told them I would do something bad.

DS: You tried to get arrested?

ADA: Yes! Check their files. I was here two days ago. I begged them, doc. I cried. I told them I would end up killing someone. I told them to lock me away. They just laughed at me.

DS: So you went out and killed someone. So you wouldn’t kill someone? That makes no sense.

ADA: I keep telling you. I didn’t mean to kill her. I turned the knife the wrong way. The sharp side out. I don’t know what happened. She was so afraid. She screamed. She wouldn’t stop screaming. Not like the women in the dreams. They were all silent.


ADA: I don’t know what happened. I tried to tell her, that I wouldn’t harm her. I just needed to get arrested. The dark man did it. He must have turned the knife around. He was thrilled. I could feel him inside of me when I held the knife to her neck. He wanted to feel it again. The rush. He wanted to see the great arcs of blood. Get him out of me. GET OUT OF ME YOU MURDERER!

(crashing sounds, screaming)

(sound of door opening, screaming fades)

DS: May 25th 10.03 pm. Suspect is too agitated, interview suspended. I will administer a sedative as soon as Officers Martin and Quincy have subdued him. End.


4 thoughts on “Psychic powers, flash fiction

  1. Rather enjoyable read. I don’t usually take to the clinical “this is a transcription of a recording” method of storytelling, because most of the time I feel like a lot is lost using this method. You’ve done well with it and by it because you didn’t neglect to “transcribe” the sounds that accompany the recording.

    Good show.

    1. Thank you Rick, for the feedback. Actually I don’t like to read transcribions either, for the same reasons. Oh short paragraphs, can go a long way to show something, but as a rule, no. I chose to write it this way, because that’s how the idea came to me, and because I use these challenges to mess around with myself, and the way I write. Its frustrating, educational and above all, fun.

  2. Boo (for the joke), yay (for the story). 🙂
    I thought you used that format really well and put an interesting spin on the ability. The emotions and tension of the scene came through very well. It felt like just listening to a recording of a police interview.

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