Summer reading

So, I was talking to a colleague about summer reads, and she asked me what I was going to read. I really hadn’t given it any thought, though I know I am going to be spending a large portion of my summer lazying it in the garden with a book in hand. That is what summer holiday’s are all about IMO.

So I gave it some thought.

My new-book consumption right now is almost exclusively e-book related. I read blogs and sites, and get various ideas about what I want to read, then I zoom off to amazon and spend my money there.  I am kind of short of money right now, so I thought maybe the library would have to fill my summer needs. But then my colleague said that since she had nothing new to read, she would just start over on the books on her shelf.

Hmm.. my brain buzzed about a bit. I have a few books on my shelves.   And I don’t think I have taken a single book down from those shelves in about a year.

My poor neglected books. How sad is that? Sad is what I think it is.

So here is my newly formulated summer reading plan.

-Go to book shelves

-Look, run a finger or two through the dust. Probably sneeze a million times.

-Think. What haven’t I read in a long time. What would I like to re-read? What wouldn’t I like to re-read?

-Pick a good generous handful of the former, and maybe, if I am feeling adventurous, pick a few of the latter

-Then I’ll go to the attic and root around the boxes of books that languishes there. (Even sadder than shelf neglected books: Boxed up books, stored in the forgotten nooks and crannies of said attic.)

Now the thing about the books on my shelves is that none of them are new. They are almost all of them at least 5 years old. I have read them before. And I tend to get impatient when I reread, because I remember what is going on. I remember the plot twists. I remember who murdered who and why.

Or I think I do anyway. Most of the books I haven’t read more than once. And age related forgetfulness has started to set in.

So… when I’ve done my picking I will return with titles, and reasons… and books. Lots of books.



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