Summer Reading part 2

A few weeks back I sketched a plan for my summer reading (here) and since my summer holiday starts tomorrow, I have finally made it through the dust and cobwebs to pick out a few books to start off on. And they are:


Cover Fleshmarket Alley

I have read many an Ian Rankin book, but I only own a few in hard copy. I randomly picked this one, and I don’t, contrary to my claim in the above mentioned post, remember the plot of this one, I do remember descriptions of said Fleshmarket, and that I thought it was quite spooky.

Cover Town Like Alice

I associate Nevil Shute with my grandparents, I can close my eyes and be transported right into their livingroom when I think of this book. I think I must have been 12 or so when I first read this. Besides Bryan Brown in the TV mini series was HOT back then.



The cover of The Danger by Dick Francis

Dick Francis is another writer that I first read at my grandparent’s house. His stories are nowhere near being noir, in fact they are rather lightweight, but they were always entertaining. This was also a random pick.


Cover Pelican Brief

John Grisham started to tire me around the time Painted House came out, but this one I remember reading like a it was going to catch fire. I really look forward to re-reading.


Cover The Rowan

Anne McCaffrey introduced me to the magic of fantasy with Dragonsong and Pern, but the Tower and Hive series, starting off with The Rowan, always held its own. The strong-willed women and the romance drew me in when I was a teenager and as you can see, this book has been read more than once. I think I will save this for last, because I know when I first get started I am going to swallow the rest of the books.


Cover Good OmensI’ve had this on my shelves for a few years, but I have actually never gotten around to reading it. (If you want it back Bette, you’ll have to wait :)) So I haven’t got anything to offer as recollections go. I’ll let you know what I thought of it.

Cover vN   And lastly a book I just borrowed at the library, mostly because Madeline Ashby has had guest-posts on both Chuck Wendig’s blog (here) and on John Scalzi’s (here), talking about iD, her new book, which sounded intriguing. Since iD is the sequel to vN, I need to read it first.

So that’s the list for the time being. I will return with thoughts as I finish the books. Have a nice summer!


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