Anticipatory Depeche Mode Madness

YEAH! I am totally psyched! I am going to my first ever Depeche Mode concert in November and I am all  jittery with expectations (and just a tiny little nugget of dread since a Depeche Mode concert means A LOT of people. I don’t do A LOT of people very well.) So in celebration of that little fact, I’ll just embed a few video’s of songs I hope to hear, and happily dream away my time until November rolls around.


Should Be Higher

Amazing song from Delta Machine. goosebumps!


Waiting For The Night To Fall

This song is absolutely magic and every time I hear it I am assaulted by emotions and physical reactions. I don’t know what I’ll do if this is not played at the concert. I might refuse to go home.


Behind The Wheel

Slot this in your car stereo of choice, turn up the volume to as loud as you can possibly bear it and just drive.


In Your Room

This song, amongst a handful of others, is a writing failsafe for me. If I can’t concentrate, if words are sluggish or impossible to dig out of my brain, I put this on repeat on the iPod and immerse myself in it and whatever story I am writing.



Love! In fact they could play the whole Violator album and I’d be pretty darn happy.


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