Flash Fiction, three sentence horror story.

This week Chuck’s challenge is a little different. We have to write a three sentence horror story and publish it in the comments of his post.

I’ve done this, but I thought I’d post the story here as well.

I watched Kayleigh from the bedroom window, spinning the wheels of her trike ineffectively in the mud, her delightful and infectious laughter filled the air and made me smile at the ironing board.
I looked up when her laughter stopped, a white van had pulled up at the curb, and a man was leaning out of the window, extending his hand toward Kayleigh, who was clambering off her trike.
My heart stopped and I spun around, flew down the stairs and out into the empty, silent yard.

There are some really great stories in the comments, I recommend you go have a look.

Now if only all the challenges were this fast to write, I might even consider doing them while NaNoWriMo is on.



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