Report from Looney Land part one… or how first day of NaNoWriMo went so far.

Warning: If you tire easily of inane, irrelevant nonsense turn away now. Go take a nap, hug your significant other, go out have fun, enjoy what there is to be seen of the sun. I’ll just sit here, cooped up in my little overcrowded mess of an office, surrounded by weird things like trash, headphones, teddy bears, forgotten coffee cups and stacks of notebooks with abandoned stories. I’ll be doing NaNoWriMo.

What I need to learn every damn November, over and over again, is that on the strike of midnight, when October transitions into November, the world shifts, from regular run-of-the-mill days with lazy-ass weekends in between, to middle-of-the-night alarms, to  workdays spent juggling the boss’s expectations of work effort with my droopy eyed tiredness, to hours squinting at the screen hoping some miracle will happen and this story will actually write itself.

Not unlike how a new mother forgets the pain of delivery once the baby is placed upon her chest, I have spent the past year forgetting the force of hateful self-recriminations and the whirlpoon of weird characters and plots in my head.

I have whinged and complained, I have pulled my hair out by the handfuls in frustrated preparation yes, but really, I forgot the total lunacy of getting up at 4 in the morning to wrestle an hour of writing time out of my day before going to work. I forgot how disjointed my writing gets when I try to actually write more than a couple thousand words of ONE story. I forgot it all.

So now its time to relearn.

Stats for the day

Words written: 1800 (48200 to go)

Cups of coffee consumed: 3

Hours spent staring at the screen and/or procrastinating and/or “researching”: 1½

Naps taken: 1





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