Report from Looney Land part 3. A pattern emerge.

I don’t know if I can call it a pattern three days into NaNoWriMo, but I can definitely say I am trying to make saner writing habits this year. I figure if I force myself to do this I might as well try and do it so I actually still want to write once December roll around.

To this end I have made two rules/survival strategies for myself and my story, oh well to be honest I have made more, but two that so far, three days in, seem to work. (I am currently successful in my No-going-back rule as well. But.. been-there-done-that. I am not holding my breath for that to keep being successful throughout November)

First rule/strategy was inspired by a post by Justine Larbalestier (here) (found via the Scrivener Facebook page) where she explains her small word count approach. Many of her reasons ring true, so I have made a deal with myself only to expect 700 words every time I sit down to write. I write in the mornings and evenings, and sometimes I manage to cram in a slot in the afternoons as well. If I aim for and manage 700 words twice a day I will not be catastrophically behind on words, and if I manage 3 rounds a 700 words a pop,  I am automatically ahead. So far it works. I aim for 700 and usually run cold around the 950 word mark. Perfect. I do better than expected, I meet the daily target and cut the risk of self recriminations in half. Yay!

Rule number two. Each session starts a new scene. It might read disjointed and hectic, unfinished, but so far it has kept me from getting stuck on small details.  A rule still in early developmental stage, but for now it is fun and easy.

Stats for the day

Words written: 2209/6514 (43486 to go) (Edit: realized the structure of this stat thing made it seem like I have been writing an increasing amount of word each day. Edited to reflect the daily/overall word count. )

Cups of coffee consumed: 2

Hours spent staring at the screen and/or procrastinating and/or “researching”: 2.

Naps taken: 0



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