Report from the Looney Lands part 4.

I am off for a relatively early night. I’ve done good today even though I am pretty sure that once I am editing this “book” I’ll scrap just about every damn word I wrote today. Oh well. It’s all in a good cause I suppose.

Stats for the day

Words written: 2471/8985 (41015 to go)

Cups of coffee consumed: Not enough

Hours spent staring at the screen and/or procrastinating and/or “researching”: 1

Naps taken: Sadly none.

2013-11-03 11.43.01
Went for a walk yesterday, and just like the weather, the trees are a little ambivalent about the seasons. Most of them were losing their leafs and color, but a few of them were still a light green that made me think of spring and upcoming summer.


And here, just before I make a belly flop into my bed. Happy B-day Bro. I hope you’ve had a great day. HUGS!



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