Report from the Looney Land part 5 or 6… but who’s counting

November madness is starting. And by this I don’t mean NaNoWriMo. I mean the insanity of November in general. I normally don’t plan things for my weekends. I probably only have set-in-concrete plans for 10 of years 52 weekends. Apparently those ten weekends all occur in November. My stress levels are off the charts.

Last year around this time I took a course in stress management, and learned some of the physical symptoms of stress and what stress does to your body. One thing is your memory centers shrinking when confronted with stress.  And I am suffering badly. Normally I can juggle a large number of requests from co-workers and bosses, commitments and appointments. But now I have to write note after note to myself to remember even the smallest thing.

Not for the first time I wish NaNoWriMo was NaMaWriMo or NaFeWriMo.

But to be fair on myself, it is going pretty well.  I write 2-3 times a day, I am over target and if I keep up this pace I hit 50000 with a week to spare. GO ME!

Stats for the day

Words written: 2334/12838 (37162 to go)

To hell with the other stats. This is what matters.


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